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Welcome to MyrtleMary

We specialize in growing the finest creeping Myrtle, also known as Lesser or Common Periwinkle and Vince. Our Myrtle comes from a very well established patch that has been there for well over 100 years!

Myrtle is a beautiful ground cover with a lovely five-petaled flowers in the spring. Plants establish an evergreen, low-lying mat forming with long trailing shoots and shiny foliage. It does well beneath trees where a carpet effect is desired. Myrtle is a great ground cover to control erosion on the banks or bring some periwinkle and green into your window boxes. It can grow in sun or shade but prefers partial sun to full shade with moderate water. It will grow in any garden soil as long as it isn’t to dry. It’s the plant that’s easy rewarding and deer resistant too!


When you order our Myrtle, it is dug fresh for you that day. The roots are healthy strong and ready for planting.



Number of plants                  Cost

10—————————-   $8.95






MyrtleMary is located in Traverse City, Michigan USA

Contact number 231-922-7313

The Rehmann Farm

1056 Smith Road

Traverse City, MI 49696

EMail- [email protected]


Shipping and handling on orders up to 45 plants is $12.95

75- 150 plants ship for $14.95 and 500 plants for $27.95

They are shipped UPS ground.


We accept all major Credit Cards

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